Watch Select Sessions from the 
2018 Outreach Summit 

Online – it’s Free!

We’ve wrapped up the 2018 Outreach Summit, but you can still watch select sessions online at our Facebook page.

Available to Watch

  • Outreach 14ers – In these short 14 min talks, hear from four of the pastors of the Fastest-Growing Churches in America.
  • Unveiling of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Churches + Keynote by the pastor of the Fastest-Growing church in 2018!
  • The Social Media Revolution – Keynote by Nona Jones, Strategic Partner Manager for Faith-based Communities at Facebook.
  • Multiethnic Ministry: Becoming a Mosaic Church – featuring Mark De Ymaz and Rufus Smith.
  • High-Touch Communication in a High-Tech Culture – featuring Katie Allred and Ryan Wakefield.
  • Outreach In an Age of Rage- Keynote by Ed Stetzer, Outreach magazine contributing editor, author, professor and director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College.
  • Keep Christianity Weird – Keynote by Michael Frost, Forge Mission Training Network and Author.