More than just an event. It’s where thought is formed and shared. Common ground is created for churches of every size.

When the Outreach 100 was created, the goal was to uncover and share what churches were doing to achieve healthy growth so that others could benefit from their experiences and wisdom. Now in its second year, The Gathering of the Outreach 100 is the forum where these churches can openly discuss the topics that shape the church today. To create thought leadership for every church – regardless of size – so that they can address the most critical topics facing churches everywhere. 

The Gathering is an intimate event where some of the most rapidly growing churches in America of 1,000 or more will share and learn from each other about what they’re experiencing and learning and to ultimately share those insights with a much wider audience. Both established and emerging leaders in the greater church community will have an unparalleled opportunity to interact, share and find common ground on challenges that face churches of every size. 

 The outcomes of The Gathering will be shared through:

• The Outreach Summit

• Outreach Magazine

• Outreach Magazine newsletters and blog posts